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  • Bring a reusable water bottle: Instead of purchasing plastic water bottles, pack a reusable one and fill up at water fountains and drink kiosks. If you are hesitant about the water quality you can always opt for a water bottle with a filter attached. Load up your bottle with fun Disney stickers to add some magic.

  • Be a ‘green’ shopper: There are plenty of souvenirs at the park that are eco-friendly from organic t-shirts to fair-trade coffee. Pick up a reusable shopping bag to reduce waste. Many souvenirs are available at your resort – pick them up there and you won’t need a bag to transport it. Buy souvenirs with integrity that will last well beyond your vacation opposed to the balloon that will meet its inevitable demise.

  • Reduce your waste: Be mindful of how many condiments and napkins you take. Also, remember to use your resort refillable mug to cut down on those disposable cups. If you pick up maps, times guides or any other paper products remember to either recycle or bring them home to use for souvenirs or scrapbooking (keep them safe in the passport holder we provided).

  • Recycle! There’s recycling available in all the parks and in your room!

  • Conserve energy and water: Towels and linens don’t need to be cleaned everyday – hang up towels that are still clean and only request to have the linens changed. Don’t forget to turn off all the lights and electronics before leaving for the day and turn down the thermostat. To reduce heat in the room close the drapes – this locks the cool air inside the room and blocks the sun out!

  • Environmental programming: Take part in programs dedicated to environmental conservation. Maybe you’ll go home with an inspired conservationist in the family!

  • Take part in Disney’s Worldwide Conservation Fund (DWCF): Sales from select merchandise at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park and ‘pressed penny’ machines contribute to the fund. In fact, 100% of button sales go to DWCF.

  • Unfinished shampoos, conditioners or soap? Don’t worry – Disney recycles these products by reprocessing them and donating them to families in need through the organization ‘Clean the World’.

  • Magical cupboards: Don’t forget to take your resort refillable mug home – it’s a perfect addition to your cupboard. And if you visit again you can bring it back to use as a coffee mug in your room. Also, some food purchases come in cute reusable containers. Take these home and reuse them! And add some magic to your Tupperware!

  • Go digital: From photos to resort maps – you can find almost anything online and load it onto your device to reduce paper waste. Remember complementary WiFi is available in the parks and resorts!

  • Autographs: Not finished an autograph book? Why not bring it back on another trip? That way you can aim to add new autographs! Only want to meet one character? Don’t feel like purchasing a whole autograph book? Get your favourite character to sign something else like a book, movie, binder, shirt or a hat? Get creative!

  • Green energy: Consider a solar powered phone charger. While you are at the pool or eating lunch outside or just taking a break on the bench – you can charge your electronics with the sun!

  • Travel lightly: Lighter suitcases mean less back pain and less fuel burned and less carbon emissions released by planes, trains and automobiles.

  • Dine wisely: There are a lot of healthy alternatives for dining at Disney. Meat consumption increases water demands, land conversion and increases Carbon Dioxide and Methane emissions that contribute to climate change issues. Keep an eye out for vegetarian options on your trip!

  • Cut down on laundry when you get home by bringing a canvas bag in your suitcase to pack any clean, unused clothes from your trip.

  • Always think of the 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Disney is working towards creating zero waste. Join in! Try some strategies on vacation and at home.