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"Thanks so much! It sucks to come back to snow :) 

We got you a little something.  

You should have seen Miranda's face when she finally realized she was going on the Disney Wonder! It alone was worth the price of the trip. When did she figure it out you ask? Not on the way to port canaveral, not when we followed the cruise bus all the way down the bee-line, not when we "missed" the turn to cape canaveral, not when we turned down the terminal ramp, not when we saw the boat, not when we pulled up to passenger drop off, not even when they checked our ID against the passenger manifest, asked if we were sailing today or when I said yes.  

When you ask? When I parked the car at the luggage drop off and threw the tickets in her lap...priceless! The whole time she was getting more and more upset. First because she didn't want to see the ship if we weren't going on it, then later because she thought we would get in trouble for for "lying" to the man at the gate when I said we were sailing with them. She just couldn't understand it and ended up bawling in the back seat near a panic attack when I let her off the hook! Then came the flood of emotions. I swear every emotion you can think of played across her face in the space of 2 seconds. 

Thanks again for everything, we had a blast!"