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"Hi Christine,

We are home and miss Disney already. We had a great time and the kids were in their very happy place. If was very hard to come home and have to cook my own meals and make my own bed. I could really get used to having it all done for me! The Dining plan was well worth it too. You were very right about that. Granted I would not have bought as much (i.e. desserts) if I was not on the meal plan but, this took the worrying out of how much we were spending on food.

Thank you so much for the basket as well. That was really nice of you too. I came back to the room that night and saw in sitting on the bed. What a nice thing to come home too. The kids were so excited to help me open it. It really added to an already nice day! I've never had anyone do nearly as much as you have for our family!

I have some shampoo etc.... to pass along to you along with a little something else. I'll mail those over once I get my act together!

Thank you again for everything you've done, all your helpful hints and all your patience in helping us plan our trip for the past 7 months.
I'll send a few pictures soon once we get them sorted (we did take 752) and I'll send along that package in the mail,