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 Princess and PeterMost believe that the Walt Disney World Resort to be just a theme park. Only those who have vacationed at the Walt Disney World Resort can tell you that belief is a big misconception.  Over 40 years have passed since Walt Disney World's 1971 opening with its Magic Kingdom Park.  To this day some people still refer to the Magic Kingdom Park as the Walt Disney World Resort - as if the one park is the entire experience.  Yet, there is much more to do at the Walt Disney World Resort than you could ever imagine.

The Magic Kingdom Park comprises a mere few dozen acres among the 35,000 which make up the Walt Disney World Resort.  That's 122 square kilometres, roughly the size of Ottawa, filled with four theme parks, two waterparks, over 20 resort hotels, six golf courses, two shopping / dining / entertainment districts and enough other diversions to keep over 60,000 full time Cast Members (employees) busy catering to tens of millions of Guests annually.  Yes, a lot has been built for guests' enjoyment since 1971.

The second misconception is that the Walt Disney World Resort is just for kids.  It is an experience of a lifetime that is to be enjoyed at any age.  It is a wonderful destination for couples looking for some romantic time away from others.  The Walt Disney World Resort is the most popular honeymoon destination in North America.  No matter your age, no matter the size of your traveling party, the Walt Disney World Resort has something just for you.

The Walt Disney World Resort is a phenomenon that has made a permanent mark on travel and tourism and has changed the very notion of what it means to take a vacation and be entertained.  However, because there are so many choices are endless - without proper planning - you may feel overwhelmed by the whole experience.  This is where Fairytale Dreams & Destinations™ can help make your trip magical.  With years of personal experience, we will develop a personalized Fairytale Guide, maximizing your vacation enjoyment.  After all, half the fun is in the planning and being able say, "I'm going to Disney World!"