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Why Stay at a Walt Disney World Resort Hotel?

Why Stay at a Walt Disney World Resort Hotel?

Thursday, August 3rd, 2023

View from Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort of Cinderella Castle

There are two very distinctive types of vacations you can take to the sunshine state of Florida.  One involves enjoying the sun, sand and taking in the wonderful sights and sounds of the state.  The other is a Walt Disney World vacation.  And if you’re interested in the latter, you really should stay inside the Walt Disney World Resort.

The last time I visited the Disney theme parks (but didn’t stay inside Walt Disney World) was about 25 years ago.  And I vowed then that it would be the last time I would do so.  The beautiful Florida home we had rented was advertised as only ‘10 minutes from the entrance of Walt Disney World’ and don’t get me wrong, it was.  But what the advertisement failed to mention was that the entrance was at one end of the resort complex.  The Walt Disney World Resort is 122 square kilometres (roughly the size of Ottawa), so it takes a good 25 minutes to get to where you’re going once you pass through one of its eight entrances.

And the bigger hurdle is just how long that ‘10 minute’ drive is.  You see, Walt Disney World has put the state of Florida on the map.  Nothing existed in and around it’s home of Lake Buena Vista prior to its existence.  However – over the years – restaurants, mini-golf courses, dollar store style souvenir shops and many other businesses have cashed in on the Disney Guest by building as close to the resort as they possibly could.  To call the area just outside the complex congested is an understatement.  The congestion makes that 10-minute drive slow.  VERY slow.  Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls on Canada Day slow.   As a result, that last time I stayed off-site, my family departed EPCOT at about 9:20pm.  We didn’t get back to our ‘10 minutes from Walt Disney World’ rental home until just after 11:00pm.

Needless to say, proximity to the theme parks is a very big reason that when vacationing to the Walt Disney World Resort, you want to stay with Disney.  But let me take a moment to share with you a few more:

The zero-entry pool at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

* The Disney Dining Plan | The only way to purchase a Disney Dining Plan is if you are staying at a Disney owned and operated resort hotel.  These dining plans not only save you money, but they allow you the convenience of pre-paying for your food.

Early Theme Park Entry | Each and every day, all four Walt Disney World theme parks will open 30-minutes early for resort Guests only.   This allows you with just enough time to get in that one favourite attraction before the park officially opens.  This is also a great perk if you plan to experience new and/or popular attractions as mornings may offer the shortest waiting time.

Transportation | Forget about the hassles of car keys and parking.  When staying in Walt Disney World, there is no need to rent a vehicle.  There are motorcoaches, water launches, monorails and a brand new skyliner transportation system to whisk you everywhere you need to be throughout their 122 square kilometre complex.

The Coney Island-style boardwalk at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn

Onsite Location | The ability to take a mid-day break to go for a swim, nap or just to re-charge your batteries is much more realistic when staying so close to the theme parks.

Character Calls | Various Disney characters are happy to provide your little (or little-at-heart) ones with a wake-up call in the morning.   The best part is that the call can be scheduled easily from the phone inside your Walt Disney World Resort room.

60 Plus Ten | Disney allows all Guest to make advanced dining reservations 60 days prior to their arrival (hence ‘60’).   However, Walt Disney World Resort Guests can book for their arrival date plus the next ten days of their trip (hence ‘+10’).

This is quite an advantage if dining is a priority, especially during the busier times, so you’ll want to make sure you book your Walt Disney World Resort Hotel before the dining reservation window opens for your vacation.  Those extra 10 days make the ever-so-popular dining reservations such as character meals much easier to reserve.

Safety | Safety has always been and always will be the number one priority for Guests of any Disney Destination.  So, in the unlikely event that a member of your family breaks a leg, or any similar emergency type situation, the help offered to you will be second to none.  Take comfort in the fact that there is nowhere safer to vacation to.

View of the Savanna at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Disney Bubble | This is a very difficult perk to explain.  And that’s because it is truly something you need to experience first-hand to appreciate its worth.  It feels very fairytale like to wake up in Walt Disney World.  There is an undeniable excitement in being surrounded by the magic 24/7.  And something so enchanting about the overall immersive experience.

The Disney theme parks truly are an extension of their movies.  And Disney resorts are an extension of their theme parks.   Which is precisely why there is such a delightful comfort and warm familiarity in staying at a Disney owned and operated resort hotel.

– Christine Fiorelli

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* The Disney Dining Plans can only be added to vacation packages beginning on or after January 9th 2024 

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