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A Trip To Disney Is Like Buying A House

A Trip To Disney Is Like Buying A House

Tuesday, January 8th, 2019

While many families will save up to a buy a house or to go on vacation, there are a few more similarities when it comes to planning a family trip.

What does your family look for when purchasing a home?  Is it two stories, so that everyone can have their privacy or a Bungalow because stairs are not as nice to you as they once were? Perhaps a fenced in yard is a necessity, so that the dog can’t get out. Or maybe a pool in mandatory, so that the kids can enjoy those hot summer days.  A four bedroom home so that everyone has their own space or is a 3 bedroom sufficient?  And would the heart of Toronto be ideal or do you want to be as far away from the city as possible?

Each and every family has different needs and wants when looking to purchase a home, a vehicle, go out to dinner and more because no two families are alike. Every family is different, there is no cookie cutter when it comes to what we all enjoy.  So why shouldn’t your vacation be any different?

Does your family prefer to relax on the beach or explore the destination?  Do you prefer warm destinations or cold?  Do the children like Haunted Houses or are they afraid of all things scary?  How about rides – the faster and higher the better, or is slow and close to the ground the best bet?

The Walt Disney World Resort in Florida is 122 square kilometres.  That’s roughly the size of Ottawa or twice the size of Manhattan.  It would take you over two months to see and do everything the Resort has to offer.  But you don’t have two months…nobody does.  So it’s our job at Fairytale Dreams & Destinations™ Inc. to get know you and your family better and zero in on what’s important for you and your family to experience for the time you do have on your vacation.  Not your friend’s family, not the family you read about on the internet, but YOUR family.

Fairytale Dreams & Destinations™ Inc. specializes in Disney Destinations.  But what does that specialize mean, exactly?  We know all of the resorts, theme parks, restaurants, attractions and more, like the back of our hands.  That fantastic Greek restaurant your friend recommended from their last visit?  It has since closed.   Your child’s friend met Starlord and Baby Groot?  Unfortunately you can no longer meet these Avengers in Walt Disney World.  And yes, The Great Movie Ride was a lovely attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but it’s long gone now.  The challenge is that The Walt Disney World Resort is always changing and it is our full time job to be on top and aware of these never ending changes, so that you don’t have to.

Or maybe you’re looking for a totally different vacation this year. Maybe you want to explore Alaska, or go to the Sahara, or visit China? Maybe you want to see more of Canada and sail through the beautiful East Coast?  Or how about a relaxing golfing getaway? We want your magical getaway to be exactly what you’re hoping for – and Disney has all the tools to make that a reality!

A Guest’s magical journey begins from the moment they contact us, receiving personal attention to detail. There is no charge for this personalized, value added service and most importantly, your vacation is tailored to you and encompasses all of your family’s needs and wants. We help make your Fairytale Dream a reality, filling your Disney vacation with magic and you will turn that magic into memories you and your loved ones will cherish forever.





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