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Making Disney Magic With Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

Making Disney Magic With Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

Tuesday, June 11th, 2024

Yesterday, I was invited to “Drop on in” for a preview of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure at Magic Kingdom Park.  Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is a re-imagination of a fan-favourite Disney attraction, Splash Mountain – a gentle boat ride that ended with a steep drop and a giant splash.

Splash Mountain was inspired by the 1946 film Song of the South.  It opened in 1989 and 1992 at Disneyland Park and Magic Kingdom respectively.  It became an instant personal favourite and it had all the pieces that makes for a fantastic * e-ticket attraction; a lengthy experience, adorable characters, a catchy soundtrack, and a 50ft drop at the end.

Flash forward to the year 2016, after I had lost count of how many times I had experienced Splash Mountain.  It was then that I first noticed how poor the condition of the attraction was.  Even after yearly winter refurbishments, the animatronics look tired, the jumping water never jumped, the log flumes would sink, and many other components stopped working altogether. And for the first time – it hit me – what even WAS Song of the South?  I had never seen the movie, but knew the songs, such as Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah and Everybody Has a Laughing Place – but only from experiencing Splash Mountain so many times over the years.

So, I was ecstatic when it was announced that Disney was going to completely reimagine one of my most beloved attractions.  Not only did the animatronics and several other aspects of it need some serious love – but has anyone today even seen the movie it was based on?  As Walt Disney once said; “We don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious…and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”  If we believe in Walt’s vision of the Parks, then it made perfect sense to me that Splash Mountain needed to be reimagined to be enjoyed by an entire new generation and many more generations to come.

The reimagination of Splash Mountain is based on one of Walt Disney Animation’s newer films, The Princess and the Frog.  While admittedly, this isn’t one of my personal favourite Disney movies – without a doubt – I absolutely ADORE the music!  Thanks to my parents, I grew up listening to the soundtrack for the Big Easy on repeat on any given Sunday afternoon – which is more than likely – where my love for the soundtrack for The Princess and the Frog comes from.  If you have never had the pleasure to listen to it; you don’t know what you’re missing.  Dig a Little Deeper and Almost There are just about two of the best songs ever composed for a Disney Animated Feature Film.

I don’t want to alarm anyone, but 1989 was 35 years ago.  And if you know anything about Disney imagineers, it’s that 35 years is 100 lifetimes of innovation!  Which means the original animatronics from Splash Mountain look like VHS tapes compared to the shiny new ones featured on Tiana’s Bayou Adventure.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure follows the storyline of Princess Tiana after the movie, as you join her and the jazz-loving alligator; Louis on a fun and magical adventure through the bayou to help find the essential missing ingredient to a successful Mardi Gras celebration: good New Orleans music!  With the help of Mama Odie’s magic, Guests get to dig a little deeper in the bayou as she shrinks us all down to frog size.

The bayou is full of life and the details are incredible.  From the fireflies twinkling in the foliage to the smell of deep fried beignets.  Along the way, you’ll encounter familiar faces and make some new ones, as you are brought into the next chapter of Tiana’s story.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is what happens when one of Walt Disney World’s best thrill attractions and a fantastic soundtrack with wonderful characters collide.  We sang the songs, smelled the fresh beignets and thoroughly enjoyed our time in the bayou.  This isn’t just a refurbishment; it is now a completely a brand-new attraction.

– Christine Fiorelli

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* An E ticket was a type of admission ticket used at the Disneyland and Magic Kingdom theme parks prior to 1982, where it admitted the bearer to the newest, most advanced, or popular rides and attractions.  It is now commonly used to describe a category of top tier and cutting edge theme park attractions. 


Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point

Sunday, June 9th, 2024

Disney Cruise Line introduced its very first ship; the Disney Magic back in 1998.  Since then, they added four more vessels; the Disney Wonder in 1999, The Disney Dream in 2011, the Disney Fantasy in 2012 and the Disney Wish in 2022.

Over the years, Disney has sailed to Alaska, Europe and even all the way down under.  Yet, one port of call remains the most popular even after all these years: Disney’s private island in the Bahamas.  A little slice of paradise known as Castaway Cay.

For over 25 years, Castaway Cay has welcomed Guests with its turquoise waters and white sands.  It is to Disney Cruise Line what Cinderella Castle is to Walt Disney World; it’s centerpiece.  Castaway Cay is the ultimate day at the beach that is guaranteed to ruin any future visit to Wasaga Beach for you.  Offering both family and adult only beaches, kid’s clubs, Disney characters, snorkeling, a full-on BBQ (complete with ice cream machines) and much more.

Disney Cruise Line has three more ships on the horizon, set to join their fleet by the end of 2025.  With Castaway Cay being the most popular port of call, Disney needed to grow its private island department to compensate for the additional vessels.  And they did so with Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point.   Lookout Cay is a private peninsula in The Bahamas.  It’s located approximately 193 kilometres south of Castaway Cay in the south-eastern region of Bannerman Town, South Eleuthera.

Earlier this week, I was lucky enough to be invited on the first voyage to port at Lookout Cay.  And how fitting that this first sailing was taken on the original ship, the Disney Magic. Don’t let her age fool you, this girl is just as shiny as any of the ships in the Disney Cruise Line fleet.

The Disney Magic docked at Lookout Cay at roughly 7:45am.  At first glance, this destination is very different from Castaway Cay.  Oppose from the ship being able to pull right up to the port, a long bridge leads to Lookout Cay.  The ship was clear for disembarkation at about 10:30am.  I won’t lie, this was my favourite part about this port of call.  I am not an early riser on vacation, so I don’t love the panic rush to disembark at Castaway Cay to secure the best possible spot on the beach.  Instead, today I was able to sleep in, grab some breakfast and ease into my vacation day without the worry of arriving too late and missing out on the fun.

The bridge over to Lookout is roughly .80 kilometers or a 12 to 15-minute walk.  It offered me a great chance to work off some of those delectable desserts from last night along with being able to enjoy an absolutely stunning view of the Disney Magic behind me.  Not up for the walk in the heat?  You can always request a golf cart ride over the bridge.  It’s worth sharing that the reason the bridge was built, oppose to pulling right up to the port was to disturb the natural marine life as little as possible.

After the bridge walk, you will find restrooms, a spot selling coffee, dole whips and more.  I took a moment here before boarding the tram over to the beach.  This is where Lookout differs greatly from Castaway.  That is, the beach is still nowhere to be seen. You must take the roughly 5-minute tram ride that drops you off in the main area.  Once you exit the tram is when the magic really begins.

Lookout Cay celebrates the vibrant culture of Eleuthera, immersing Guests in a taste or Bahamian culture. It is a Celebration of the Bahamas with a unique rhythmic, tropical island feel.

Disney is second to none when it comes to attention to detail.  There is much to see and explore here and Disney truly illuminates it like no one else can. It focuses on Guests being able to interact with the environment of the Bahamas.  It offers elevated walkways and piers to allow Guests explore the island, minimizing impact on the environment.

The water alone would have been enough to make Lookout Cay a standout destination.  But Disney gives you more. They have turned the southern tip of Eleuthera into a living, breathing beauty.  And we all know that Disney is masterful at storytelling.  They tell stories of fantasy and fiction better than anyone else can.  But now, they have brought a real story to light.  Here, beloved Disney characters and entertainment merge seamlessly with vibrant Bahamian culture.

Local Junkanooes sound a conch shell in Rush! A Junkanoo Celebration at Disney Lookout Cay.  Junkanoo is all about inclusivity, it doesn’t know race, colour or creed.  And its festive sights and sounds bring people together. Over at the Play-Play Pavilion, Guests will have the chance to play games with Disney friends all while listening to Bahamian renditions of Under the Sea and other such popular Disney tunes.

Finally, it was time to step foot on the stretch of coastline and rock structures, where the ocean meets the clear, turquoise waters of the Bahamas.  Once I walked over to the beach, I quickly saw Lookout Cay’s similarity to Castaway Cay.  Those same crystal-clear waters and pristine beaches beckoned me to explore it.  Those artist renderings that you’ve seen circling don’t do this beauty justice.  It is a picture-perfect spot where no filter is needed.  It is laced with pink sand beaches that come from crushed coral and fragments of shells that are mixed in with the island’s soft, white sand.

I’m happy to share that Lookout Cay provides the same fantastic experiences we know and love from Castaway Cay – such as dedicated family and adult-exclusive beaches and spaces, private cabanas, dining, shopping, snorkelling and more!

There are private islands offered by various cruise lines everywhere.  But Disney’s Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point is SO much more than a beach and waterslides.  It’s an experience. Its storytelling brought to life and that story begins right now.

– Christine Fiorelli

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Why Book your Walt Disney World Vacation with Fairytale Dreams & Destinations?

Wednesday, December 13th, 2023

Want to visit Walt Disney World and don’t have a clue where to begin?  Well then, you’ve just to the right place!  Because at Fairytale Dreams & Destinations, we assist by offering the best times of the year to visit, best resorts in each of Disney’s resort categories, remain on top of any promotions you may benefit from and more.  So, do you really need to contact Fairytale Dreams & Destinations if you already know when you’re going and where in Walt Disney World you’d like to stay?   After all, you could just ‘Google’ the rest of the details, couldn’t you?

Growing up, my parents took my sister and I to Walt Disney World on a yearly basis.  Back in those days, my mom would just call Disney, book a hotel, purchase theme park tickets when we arrived…and that was it.  If we wanted to have breakfast with Mickey and Minnie on the Empress Lily, we would just show up hungry that morning and walk in.  If it was all that easy, when planning a similar vacation only a few generations later, do you REALLY need a travel agent – or more specifically an agent who specializes in Disney Destinations?  If you’ve booked vacations on-line in the past, can’t you just book your visit to the Most Magical Place on Earth just the same?

I’ll tell you why, because the past is a place of reference, not a place of residence.  What I mean by that is the ‘good old days’ of not having to plan the details for a Walt Disney World vacation are long gone.

While we’ve been selling Disney Destinations since 2002, things started changing drastically back in 2005, when Walt Disney World introduced ‘Magic Your Way’ vacation packages.  These vacation packages allowed you to add theme park tickets to a hotel stay and introduced something called the Disney Dining Plan.  Which – when purchased in advance – offered a decent savings on food throughout The Walt Disney World Resort.   As a result, for the first time ever, you could no longer simply walk up to a restaurant and wait for a table.  In fact, if you didn’t have reservations booked for character meals and other such popular dining locations, you simply missed out on these experiences.  And these reservations had to be made (wait for it), 180 days in advance.  I don’t know about you, but I have enough trouble figuring out where I’m going to dine this coming Saturday night, never mind six months from now.

Enter the concierge service that is the reason to book your Disney Vacation with Fairytale Dreams & Destinations.  We began helping families plan their daily itinerary by getting to know each traveller, their cuisine preferences and making their dining reservations (there are over 200 restaurants to choose from) based on their tastes, interests and where they will be on that day.  This is important because Walt Disney World is over 122 square kilometres (it stretches from roughly Etobicoke to Scarborough).  And believe me when I say that this is back when planning for a Walt Disney World vacation was easy!

Currently?  Those dining reservations are still required, but there is a lot more to it than that.  There are now events that need reservations (building a lightsabre, having a drink at the edge of the galaxy or princess makeovers are some examples).  Additionally, Disney has introduced methods to skip the lines with their DisneyGenie+ and Individual Lightning Lane service.  But with four theme parks and experiences to delight Guests of all ages, how do you know if you should use Individual Lightning Lane for TRON / Lightcycle Run, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train OR both?  Or which attraction should you book as your first DisneyGenie+ selection and then subsequent selections?  The answers to these questions don’t just rely on the popularity of a particular experience, but which experiences are on which service, the individual attraction’s intensity, what day of the week you are visiting, and more.

And not to scare you – but yes – it is as confusing as it sounds.

Sure, you could spend hours Googling, joining Facebook groups, reading blogs, watching YouTube videos and more, but at the end of the day, what have you learned?  You’ll more than likely feel more overwhelmed than when you started your “research”.  That’s because no two Walt Disney World Vacations are the same and every single family has different needs and wants.  Which means you will without a doubt receive varying opinions.  Let’s be honest, when you tell friends and family that you’re thinking of going to Walt Disney World, it’s like telling them you’re getting married or having a baby in that EVERYONE has an opinion.  And of course they mean well – after all – they just want you to have as good of a time as they did.  But the reality is what worked for them, may not be what works best for YOU.  Are you travelling with young kids? Grandparents?  Young adults?  Thrill seekers?  Foodies?  The answers to these questions (and a LOT more) allow us to tailor your vacation to your specific travelling party.

All those bloggers, vloggers and more can visit the Walt Disney World parks multiple times a year.  In fact, most visit on daily basis.  So, what they recommend, is not necessarily the best option for first timers, someone who only visits once a year or for those who are on a ‘once in a lifetime’ vacation.  Not to mention that these influencers don’t have an invested interest in your vacation.  Which means it doesn’t matter to them if you spent half a day on your vacation going to over Port Orleans Resort – French Quarter to try the beignets and you didn’t feel they were worth the time spent.

Everyone’s vacation time and money is limited.  Which is why at Fairytale Dreams & Destinations, we take great pride in getting to know your family better because it would take you over two months to see and do everything that the Walt Disney World Resort has to offer, but you don’t have two months.  Nobody does.  Making getting to know your family better and zero in on what matters to you and your travelling party, the most important part of our job.  Sure, Dole Whips are awesome, but believe me when I say that it won’t ruin your Walt Disney World vacation if you don’t have the time to try one.

Do we want to meet Anna and Elsa? Pilot the Millennium Falcon? Dine with Mickey? All three?  Yep, we can set that up for you.  Our small, but mighty (like Ant-Man) team are available via email, phone and in person to see to it that all your magical wishes are met.  When booking your Disney Destination vacation with Fairytale Dreams & Destinations, you can rest easy knowing that you are working with the most experienced Disney affinity travel agency & Disney vacation planner in Canada.  Before you could Rise with the Resistance or help the Guardians save the Galaxy, we were making dreams comes true…one fairytale at a time.

– Christine Fiorelli

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Why Stay at a Walt Disney World Resort Hotel?

Thursday, August 3rd, 2023

View from Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort of Cinderella Castle

There are two very distinctive types of vacations you can take to the sunshine state of Florida.  One involves enjoying the sun, sand and taking in the wonderful sights and sounds of the state.  The other is a Walt Disney World vacation.  And if you’re interested in the latter, you really should stay inside the Walt Disney World Resort.

The last time I visited the Disney theme parks (but didn’t stay inside Walt Disney World) was about 25 years ago.  And I vowed then that it would be the last time I would do so.  The beautiful Florida home we had rented was advertised as only ‘10 minutes from the entrance of Walt Disney World’ and don’t get me wrong, it was.  But what the advertisement failed to mention was that the entrance was at one end of the resort complex.  The Walt Disney World Resort is 122 square kilometres (roughly the size of Ottawa), so it takes a good 25 minutes to get to where you’re going once you pass through one of its eight entrances.

And the bigger hurdle is just how long that ‘10 minute’ drive is.  You see, Walt Disney World has put the state of Florida on the map.  Nothing existed in and around it’s home of Lake Buena Vista prior to its existence.  However – over the years – restaurants, mini-golf courses, dollar store style souvenir shops and many other businesses have cashed in on the Disney Guest by building as close to the resort as they possibly could.  To call the area just outside the complex congested is an understatement.  The congestion makes that 10-minute drive slow.  VERY slow.  Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls on Canada Day slow.   As a result, that last time I stayed off-site, my family departed EPCOT at about 9:20pm.  We didn’t get back to our ‘10 minutes from Walt Disney World’ rental home until just after 11:00pm.

Needless to say, proximity to the theme parks is a very big reason that when vacationing to the Walt Disney World Resort, you want to stay with Disney.  But let me take a moment to share with you a few more:

The zero-entry pool at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

* The Disney Dining Plan | The only way to purchase a Disney Dining Plan is if you are staying at a Disney owned and operated resort hotel.  These dining plans not only save you money, but they allow you the convenience of pre-paying for your food.

Early Theme Park Entry | Each and every day, all four Walt Disney World theme parks will open 30-minutes early for resort Guests only.   This allows you with just enough time to get in that one favourite attraction before the park officially opens.  This is also a great perk if you plan to experience new and/or popular attractions as mornings may offer the shortest waiting time.

Transportation | Forget about the hassles of car keys and parking.  When staying in Walt Disney World, there is no need to rent a vehicle.  There are motorcoaches, water launches, monorails and a brand new skyliner transportation system to whisk you everywhere you need to be throughout their 122 square kilometre complex.

The Coney Island-style boardwalk at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn

Onsite Location | The ability to take a mid-day break to go for a swim, nap or just to re-charge your batteries is much more realistic when staying so close to the theme parks.

Character Calls | Various Disney characters are happy to provide your little (or little-at-heart) ones with a wake-up call in the morning.   The best part is that the call can be scheduled easily from the phone inside your Walt Disney World Resort room.

60 Plus Ten | Disney allows all Guest to make advanced dining reservations 60 days prior to their arrival (hence ‘60’).   However, Walt Disney World Resort Guests can book for their arrival date plus the next ten days of their trip (hence ‘+10’).

This is quite an advantage if dining is a priority, especially during the busier times, so you’ll want to make sure you book your Walt Disney World Resort Hotel before the dining reservation window opens for your vacation.  Those extra 10 days make the ever-so-popular dining reservations such as character meals much easier to reserve.

Safety | Safety has always been and always will be the number one priority for Guests of any Disney Destination.  So, in the unlikely event that a member of your family breaks a leg, or any similar emergency type situation, the help offered to you will be second to none.  Take comfort in the fact that there is nowhere safer to vacation to.

View of the Savanna at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Disney Bubble | This is a very difficult perk to explain.  And that’s because it is truly something you need to experience first-hand to appreciate its worth.  It feels very fairytale like to wake up in Walt Disney World.  There is an undeniable excitement in being surrounded by the magic 24/7.  And something so enchanting about the overall immersive experience.

The Disney theme parks truly are an extension of their movies.  And Disney resorts are an extension of their theme parks.   Which is precisely why there is such a delightful comfort and warm familiarity in staying at a Disney owned and operated resort hotel.

– Christine Fiorelli

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* The Disney Dining Plans can only be added to vacation packages beginning on or after January 9th 2024 

Sailing on a Disney Cruise Line Vacation Without Children

Monday, May 15th, 2023

Getting ready to set sail!

Before my husband and I set sail on our first Disney Cruise Line vacation together, the first response people would say to us was, “You’re going on a Disney cruise without children? Why would you do that to yourself?”. To be honest – I get it! When you hear ‘Disney’ your first thought is not ‘adult’ vacation. However, this was one of our favourite vacations to date, so much so that we’ve already planned to set sail again for our 5th wedding anniversary this summer.

So let’s break down some of the reasons we love sailing on a Disney Cruise Line vacation without kids!

“And I look at you and I’m home” – Dory, Finding Nemo

Arriving in Cabo, Mexico

Those of you who have been on a Walt Disney Travel Company vacation (including but not limited to the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, Disneyland Resort in Southern California, Adventures by Disney, or Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa in Hawaii) will most likely agree that the Disney Cast Members provide some of the highest level of care and attention to ensure a magical vacation. I can assure you that when you’re at sea, it’s no different. When you check-in, a Cast Member will say “Welcome Home”, and that is exactly how I felt!

In the Fall of 2022, we sailed on a 4-night cruise from San Diego, California, roundtrip to Baja Mexico (Cabo San Lucas) aboard the Disney Wonder. The Disney Wonder is one of the original vessels of the Disney Cruise Line fleet. While the ship is small compared to the others in the fleet, one of the best parts is that you start to recognize the Crew Members pretty quickly! But you especially forge connections with your Stateroom Hosts whose task is to ensure your stateroom is comfortable and clean everyday (they visit twice a day!) and your Dining Team helps keep your thirst quenched and stomachs full! Rotational Dining is a great feature on the Disney Ship, it means your Dining Team (Head Server, Assistant Server, and Server) will follow your party every night to your rotational restaurant. They learn your name, get to know if you like your water with lemon and ice, or if you hate tomatoes!

Ariel statue in the atrium of the Disney Wonder

Our next cruise will be in the Mediterranean, somewhere neither of us have ever been. I’m a little nervous to travel so far from home but I can feel my anxiety levels decrease knowing I will find respite and relief when I step back onboard the ship each night. Travelling can make many folks feel uneasy, especially after being at home for so many years. Personally, I find it comforting to know I will still feel at home while I’m an ocean away!

“To all who come to this happy place: Welcome.” – Walt Disney

The big thing I hear folks complain about is that Disney is too… Disney! Especially if we are not traveling with kids! Let me remind you, one of the best features about the Disney brand is the evolution, development, and acquisition of new franchises. So, yes, you will see lots of the iconic Mickey Mouse symbols on the ship, whether it’s in the design of a chandelier or a carpet, or literally the Mouse himself strutting through the atrium, but depending on the sailing itinerary you might just spot your favourite Marvel superhero or Pixar pal! Our sailing was a special “Halloween on the High Seas” themed itinerary – so we saw characters like Jack Skeleton and Sally meeting Guests, occasionally hearing songs like ‘Monster Mash’ in the hallways and screenings of Hocus Pocus 2!

Tiana and the Crawfish Crooners at Tiana’s Place

Although much of the storytelling on board is Disney or Disney-adjacent, the attention to detail and commitment to the story is truly immersive. For instance, on the Disney Wonder you are transported to New Orleans when you dine at Tiana’s Place! As a fan of Princess and the Frog, I loved seeing Tiana greet guests around the restaurant but as a jazz fan, my husband enjoyed listening to the talented musicians in the Crawfish Crooners serenade the crowd with jazz and Disney-classics. So, even if you aren’t a big fan of any particular Disney brand, the commitment to the theming will still be something to marvel at, kids big and small.

“Hakuna Matata” – Timon and Pumba, The Lion King

Finding a relaxing spot to read

To some, a Disney vacation is synonymous with children running around screaming and long line ups. We did not find either of these stowed away on a Disney Cruise ship! Especially since we spent a majority of our time in the adult-only sections. For parents, they can enjoy these areas as their toddlers and little ones play in the Oceaneers Club or Lab, or as tweens and teens hang out in Vibe and Edge.

Pappardelle con Aragosta dish from Palo’s

For a Disney Cruise Line vacation there’s ‘me’ time (age-appropriate areas / activities) and ‘we’ time (fun for the whole family). Some of the ‘we’ time activities did not appeal to us, so when the whole family was enjoying lively deck parties we were lounging in the Rainforest Room* at the Senses Spa or on ‘Pirates Night’ during the fireworks, we opted for an intimate dining experience at Palo’s*. I highly recommend taking advantage of adult-only areas during off-hours to make the experience even better!

Escape into the Rainforest Room at Senses Spa

If you’re considering a cruise and you are looking for high quality service, immersive entertainment, and maximum relaxation, I highly recommend adding a Disney Cruise Line vacation to the top of your list!






– Miranda Burton

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*Additional charges, but worth every single penny!


Enter the Grid…

Thursday, March 16th, 2023

I admit it, a week ago I didn’t even know what the heck ‘the Grid’ was.  I saw it all over Disney’s marketing for their brand-new TRON Lightcycle / Run attraction at the Magic Kingdom, but I had no clue of its meaning.

So, when invited to attend the media event for TRON, I decided to do a little homework the night prior and watched the 1982 film of the same name.  It was as every little bit ‘80s as you would expect it to be.  Featuring a very young Jeff Bridges with his ever flowing, great hair, a lot of Sci-Fi with a little bit of War Games thrown in.

The basis of the film is that Jeff Bridges’ character (Flynn) is a computer programmer and video game developer who is transported inside the world of a mainframe computer (otherwise known as the Grid).  Flynn interacts with various programs and video games in his attempt to escape.  It has without a doubt, some of the cheesiest graphics I’ve ever seen in a movie.  It really is amazing how far special effects in cinema have come since then.

I quickly learned where the concept of TRON Lightcycle / Run originated.  It’s a video game Flynn developed that he also plays inside the Grid in an escape for his life.  Lightcycles are futuristic style motorcycles, players ride without crashing into one another, the outer walls or the light trails left behind by the vehicle itself.

TRON is located inside the Magic Kingdom and its futuristic theming fits in flawlessly to Tomorrowland.  The internet tells me that this experience is an exact replica of the attraction of the same name in Shanghai, Disneyland.   I’ve never been, so I will take Google’s word for it.  The attraction canopy lit up a nighttime makes it by FAR the best exterior addition to a Walt Disney World Theme Park since Toy Story Land.  I loved standing there just watching the Lightcycles zoom by overhead.

Test Lightcycle Vehicle

The look of the Lightcycle vehicles themselves are VERY cool.  Sleek black with blue lights, making this attraction a must do at nighttime.  As a Walt Disney World theme park first, complimentary lockers are offered before boarding your Lightcycle for storage of your personal belongings.  However – what I absolutely loved is that your Lightcycle offers a small compartment to store your mobile device in –  so plenty of opportunity to get those selfies for the ‘gram!

TRON boasts being ‘one of the fastest’ roller coasters at any Disney Theme Park.  Which leads me to one of my favourite coasters in the Orlando area due to its sheer speed; VelociCoaster over at Universal Studios.  While TRON doesn’t compete in this department (60 mph vs VelociCoaster’s 70 mph), what it has over VelociCoaster is the sensation.  On TRON, you’re not sitting in a traditional style coaster car, but rather you’re straddling the ride vehicle, leaning forward. Due to the difference in the coaster car, TRON feels much faster than it actually is.  If you’ve ever experienced either/or, the Lightcycles felt like a mix between the ride vehicles for Avatar – Flight of Passage and the motorbike on Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure.

Chariot Style Ride Vehicles

Those of us who were born before the original TRON movie debuted, may have some difficulty lifting your leg and/or bending your knees comfortably to get into the Lightcycle.  But the great news is that once you’re in, it is far more comfortable than it looks.  However, if you have a challenge getting in (there is a test Lightcycle outside), you can still experience TRON.  The attraction offers a handful ‘chariot’ seats that you can ask a Cast Member to ride in instead.  Thrill seekers on the other hand will want to ask for the front row!

It’s soooooo smooth.  So smooth in fact, that if you suffer from head or back aches from Rock n’ Roller Coaster or any other similar attraction, I highly recommend giving this game changer a shot.  It’s fast, exhilarating and a must do for thrill seekers.  It’s difficult to compare it to any other attraction, but the coaster track is a much, MUCH faster Slinky Dog Dash with a LOT more thrill.

My only complaint is that it is short.  Too short, actually.  I wouldn’t be too happy if I waited in a 2-hour line up for that less than 60 second ride.  But even so, the ride is a do not miss experience.  So personally, I will opt to pay for an * Individual Lightning Lane on this attraction for as long as Disney offers one for it.

With Avatar – Flight of Passage (Disney’s Animal Kingdom), Star Wars – Rise of the Resistance (Disney’s Hollywood Studios) and Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind (EPCOT) opening over recent years, TRON is truly the much needed/thrill seeking addition that the Magic Kingdom so desperately needed.

Interestedly, TRON is situated right beside the fan favourite classic attraction, Space Mountain.  Seeing these two attractions side by side, I couldn’t help by recall visiting the Magic Kingdom as a child in the early 1980’s, when Space Mountain was the ‘newest and fastest roller coaster’ in all of Walt Disney World. And not unlike the computer graphics of the ‘80s TRON – boy oh boy – have Walt Disney World imagineers come a VERY long way since then!

– Christine Fiorelli

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* When TRON opens to the public on April 4th, 2023, there will be no stand-by queue.  You must either successfully book a spot in the virtual queue and/or purchase an Individual Lightning Lane to experience it.  

Pandora – The World of Avatar

Monday, December 12th, 2022

After 13 long years, the sequel to the record-breaking movie; Avatar is finally here. Avatar – The Way of Water will be released in theatres this week. The release of this sequel allowed me to reflect on Pandora – The World of Avatar found inside Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park.

Avatar tells the story of a paraplegic marine who travels to the moon of Pandora on a unique mission and becomes torn between following his orders and protecting the world he feels is his home. Or so reads the IMDB description of the film. But for me, Avatar is best described at almost three hours of my life I’ll never get back.

So, I was not overly excited when I heard that the Walt Disney World Resort was going to build a brand-new land inside Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park inspired by the movie of the same name.   The Disney theme parks are an extension of their feature films. So mostly, I didn’t understand the connection between Avatar and the Walt Disney World Theme Park’s brilliant storytelling.

Over my years of selling Disney Destinations, I’ve seen new lands in theme parks come to life and new ships sail the seas. And I am always absolutely blown away with how Disney brings so many amazing stories to life. But what exactly would we experience on an Avatar attraction – singing blue cats?

But I learned that instead of including characters or basing the land on existing plotlines from the movie, the emphasis would be on issues such as conservation. The focus on the environmental message, makes the land a standalone experience from the film. So, the connection between the two is absolute perfection.

When you cross the bridge into the Valley or Mo’ara – you enter the World of Pandora. With native plants, floating mountains and a nighttime bioluminescence forest, this land is pretty and so very peaceful.

The first attraction situated in Pandora; Na’vi River Journey is a dark boat ride through the Kapsavean River, showcasing the native fauna and flora of Pandora. It’s a very nice ‘break from the sun’ dark ride style attraction that is appropriate for all ages. And there is nothing wrong with Na’vi River Journey – but without a doubt – the absolute showstopper here is Avatar Flight of Passage.

Flight of Passage is a 3D flying simulator thrill attraction. It allows Guests to fly on the back of a mountain Banshee over Pandora. The simplest description I can offer is that Flight of Passage is that it’s Soarin’ on steroids. But the reality is it’s just so much more than that. Flight of Passage offers a level of immersion that I have never experienced on any simulator style attraction before.

The motorcycle riding position makes you feel much more like you’re a part of the action. Additionally, your individual seat leans from side to side. The row of seats you are seated in tilt back and forth. And the three rows of stacked seats move together vertically. It’s this vertical motion that really sets Flight of Passage apart from other simulators, as the vertical drop sensation allows you to believe you are diving off of a cliff.

Your view of the film feels entirely different, depending on where your attraction vehicle is located. And the film is BEAUTIFUL. The use of colours and story create a sense of calm and excitement all at the same time. I expected to be impressed, but I didn’t expect to feel a mist when my I flew near a wave. And I most certainly did not expect to feel the living banshee breathing between my knees.

I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing this attraction with die-hard fans of the movie. They certainly enjoyed the details in the queue (and understood their reference) far more than I ever could. But there is absolutely no way that they could have enjoyed the attraction itself any more than I did. And that’s because Flight of Passage is an attraction for everyone – those who have never seen, like, love or (such as my case) hate Avatar.

Avatar – Flight of Passage is one of only a very small handful of attractions that I will wait over an hour for and won’t complain about doing so. Not only is this unique attraction worth such a lengthy wait, but the actual ride time is about 4.5 minutes, so much longer than the average. The only complaint I have about the attraction is that it’s just not long enough. Every time I experience Avatar – Flight of Passage, I never want it to end.

Rumour has it that James Cameron wishes to bring new film elements to Flight of Passage to include Avatar: The Way of Water, along with future installments in the franchise. While I know I won’t be lining up to see any of the sequential movies, I do know that I’ll be lining up to experience the attraction – over and over again.

– Christine Fiorelli

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Hurricane Ian at Universal Orlando Resort

Tuesday, October 11th, 2022

The Calm Before the Storm at Islands of Adventure

The Calm Before the Storm at Islands of Adventure

I just returned from a 13-day family vacation to Orlando, Florida. Our first stop was the Universal Orlando Resort. Universal knows how important a vacation is. And while they guarantee an incredible vacation experience, they unfortunately cannot make any guarantees about the weather.

Three days before we were scheduled to arrive at Universal, so was Hurricane Ian. At the time – the National Hurricane Center predicted Ian would take a path on the west coast of the state, resulting in only the outer bands of the storm reaching the central Florida area. Orlando is located 40 miles from the Atlantic coast, which means it is rare that the area is severely impacted by hurricanes. In fact, Orlando’s inland location makes it a primary destination for those who are seeking shelter from an approaching storm. Simply put, Orlando is the safest place to be during a hurricane in Florida.

We arrived at Lowes Sapphire Falls at the Universal Orlando Resort on Monday, September 26th. We enjoyed CityWalk that evening and on Tuesday, headed to Islands of Adventure. While in line for VelociCoaster, we learned that Hurricane Ian had taken a turn and the storm was now on route to hit Orlando directly. I knew from years of dealing with Florida theme parks and hurricanes that chances are the parks would close. So, we attempted to take in as much as we could and headed over to Universal Studios. Sure enough, at 4:45pm, while waiting to watch the Jason Bourne Stuntacular, I received notice that due to the approaching hurricane, both Universal theme parks and City Walk would be closed on Wednesday, September 28th and Thursday, September 29th.

Meeting Gru in the Lobby at Sapphire Falls

Meeting Gru in the Lobby at Sapphire Falls

We were only staying at Universal until Thursday, so we knew that our time at Universal was over. But not before we squeezed in a fantastic dinner at The Toothsome Chocolate Factory and picked up pizza from Red Oven Bakery to enjoy back at our hotel.

Lowes Sapphire Falls is a large, high rise style hotel.  It offers a full-service restaurant, a quick service dining location with grab and go items that serves Starbucks coffee, a bar, and a Universal Studio store. It has floor to ceiling windows in the rooms and throughout the lobby and hallways. Allowing us to watch the storm’s wrath, all the while remaining safe and dry inside.

On Wednesday morning, I received word that Walt Disney World (where we scheduled to move to the following day) was not allowing any check ins on Thursday. After having a mini heart attack, I visited the front desk at Sapphire Falls. The Team Member (Universal lingo for employee) not only extended our stay until Friday without issue – but to make things even easier – let us remain in the same room. 10 points for Gryffindor!

I learned then that Team Members work during the storm on a volunteer basis. In an exchange for volunteering, Universal puts them and their family up at the hotel. The same Team Members were with us for the full 48 hours. And they couldn’t possibly be more kind or helpful. Especially when considering they left their homes behind and won’t know how the hurricane will have affected their dwellings until it’s all over. Their kindness was in a word; infectious. Absolutely every single Guest we encountered was just as courteous, kind and patient.

As far as hunkering down for a hurricane goes, we could not have been in a better place to do so. Over the following two days, there were always Universal characters in the lobby, children’s activities, board games, movies to enjoy and more for Guest use in the board rooms. We used the fitness centre, took pictures with Gru, watched Jurassic World, souvenir shopped, ate, drank, and met SO many wonderful people (and their dogs)!

Downed Trees and Debris Along the Path to CityWalk

Downed Trees and Debris Along the Path to CityWalk

On Thursday morning, clean-up crews began clearing knocked over palm trees, debris from walkways, the pools and more. From our hotel room, we could see a hole that Ian ripped out on the side of the building that houses Jurassic Park River Adventure. I also read that a portion of The Incredible Hulk Coaster was under water. Later that evening, we attempted to take the walkway from our resort to City Walk. But we were quickly turned around by flooding, downed trees and more. It was then that I realized that the parks were closed in advance for two days: one for the actual storm and the second for clean-up. Then – depending on the amount of any damage – parks open back up the following day.

Throughout it all, we really enjoyed our time at Universal and Sapphire Falls. Without the parks closing, we would have never discovered the fantastic Strong Water Tavern, which turned out to be our favourite dining experience of the vacation. And I thought we would all be sick of Sapphire Falls come Friday morning – but to the contrary – we all agreed that we can’t wait to go back. Only this time, we’d prefer to spend more time at the Universal theme parks and only use the hotel to sleep and change. 🙂

Flooding Along the Path to CityWalk

Flooding Along the Path to CityWalk

It was upsetting to see the destruction Ian left behind – knowing that as awful at it was – what we saw wasn’t anywhere near comparable to the damage Hurricane Ian caused elsewhere. If you are resident or visitor of a coastal town and need to escape the path of a hurricane, I highly recommend heading to the Universal Orlando Resort to do so.

A massive thank you to Universal Orlando and the Team Members at Sapphire Falls. We will be forever grateful for the hospitality and kindness that they bestowed upon us.

– Christine Fiorelli

Hurricanes are natural disasters that form over open water primarily between the months of June and November. Hurricane Ian was a large and destructive Category 4 Atlantic hurricane. Ian caused widespread damage across western Cuba and the southeast United States, especially in Florida and South Carolina. It was the third-deadliest storm to hit the U.S. mainland this century behind Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy.

You can help people affected by Hurricane Ian by donating to Redcross here:

The Castle on the Sea – The Disney Wish!

Monday, July 4th, 2022

Following a six-month delay due to COVID, the newest vessel in the Disney Cruise Line fleet; The Disney Wish finally set sail on its Christening Cruise from Port Canaveral, Florida.  Of all the fantastic things I was looking forward to experiencing during the world’s return to normal, The Disney Wish was at the top of my list.  Not only am I an avid Disney Cruiser (admittedly, I prefer a Disney Cruise vacation to a Disney theme park one), but hello?  BRAND SPANKING NEW DISNEY SHIP!  Need I say more?

Upon first spotting The Disney Wish off in the distance when approaching Port Canaveral, I could already see that she was in a word; magnificent.  Not only was she massive, but the classic red and yellow Mickey colours tied into the elegance of ocean liners of the past…The Disney Wish is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

The wonder and enchantment of this new vessel begins the moment you step on-board.  The atrium is as classy and inviting as the famous ‘meet me at the clock’ staircase from Titanic.  A statue of Cinderella sits front and centre here – just as she should – after all a dream is a wish your heart makes.  To compliment Cindy, blue, white and gold is woven throughout the floor and walls.

The staterooms are sleek and eloquent.  They feature hints of various Disney leading ladies, depending on which deck your stateroom is located on.   We were on deck 10 and ours featured everyone’s favourite Little Mermaid.  From flat screen TVs to a glass shower door, these staterooms are Disney’s finest on the seas.

The Disney Wish offers a LOT more elbow room at the pool and recreational decks.  Finally, Disney has made is so that those ‘relaxing days at sea’ will be just that, oppose to stalking another Guest for their deck chair.  The highlight here is the AquaMouse, which is a water slide ride combined with audio and visuals, making it the very first attraction at sea.  While lots of fun, it is temperamental.  So be sure to experience AquaMouse as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.  Little ones have an adorable Toy Story themed splash area, families have their choice of six pools and the adults only area features a hot tub and an infinity pool located at the aft of the ship.

I was disappointed that there wasn’t more shade to be found in the pool areas.  So be sure to pack your sunscreen.  I also wish that the adult pool was larger, easier to get in and out of and that it wasn’t such a long walk in the sun to get to or to grab some grub from.

Speaking of grub, one of the biggest surprises on ANY Disney ship is how excellent the food is.  The Disney Wish is certainly no exception to that rule.  As someone who has sailed with Disney many times over the years; I was very pleased to be provided with all new menus and dining options. Three brand new rotational dining restaurants make their debut on The Disney Wish1923, Arendelle and Worlds of Marvel.

1923 is the Wish’s Triton’s (Disney Wonder), Lumiere’s (Disney Magic), Royal Palace (Disney Dream) and Royal Court (Disney Fantasy).  And 1923 meets all those expectations you anticipate from these similar dining locations.  Here, you’re in for a walk down memory lane in this casual but refined restaurant that pays homage to Walt Disney and the golden era of animation.

Arendelle is similar to Rapunzel’s (Disney Magic) and Tiana’s Place (Disney Wonder) in that it is a show style dinner, featuring dishes from the story’s hometown.  In this case, the menu is inspired by Nordic cuisine.  This was a pleasant surprise for me, as Frozen is undeniably one of my least favourite Disney animated feature films.  But the theming, talent and food were all very impressive.  And I assure you that you haven’t heard Let it Go, until you’ve heard it performed by Oaken and Kristoff!

Worlds of Marvel features some of our friends from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in a showcase of revolutionary quantum technology and world-class cuisine.  While a decent show, it is all pre-recorded video.  As a ship’s replacement to Animator’s Palette, I was hoping for something a little more interactive.  Asgardian Talk with Thor or seeing my drawing of Groot come to life would have been a vast improvement.  Regardless, I still laughed at Scott Lang’s shenanigans, enjoyed watching clips of some of my favourite movies and television shows during dinner and Ant-Man and Wasp making an in person appearance was a pleasant surprise.

One of the biggest draws of a Disney Cruise are the kid’s clubs and recreation.  Which makes sense because if Disney can’t keep little ones entertained, literally no other cruise line can.  The Oceaneers Club features Avengers, Star Wars, Princesses and more.  The Hero Zone offers indoor basketball, air hockey, ping pong and other such games.  And Edge and Vibe continue to be stand out areas for tweens and teens alike.  One of the best kept secrets of a Disney Cruise is that your children will be more interested in spending time in their spaces on the ship than they will be hanging out with mom and dad.

Due to legalities, every other cruise line is very limited to which music, characters and shows they can produce.  Disney on the other hand?  They own all of those said music, characters and shows, which means they can basically produce an endless line up of entertainment.  We were fortunate enough be given a sneak peak of Disney’s two new stage shows, Seas the Adventure and The Little Mermaid.  Both brought classic Disney stories to life in new ways.

I do miss the promenade deck (found on all previous four vessels) that is used for jogging as well as walking, with signs indicating the mileage.  For some unknown reason on the Wish, not only do you have to climb a set of stairs to continue along the promenade on deck 4, but you cannot make a full lap.  Instead, you reach a dead end and must double back.  On that note, unfortunately there are several dead ends to be found on The Disney Wish – so be prepared for this difference when exploring until you are more familiar with the layout of the ship.

Various bars, theatres and lounges are scattered throughout all decks.  Fans of the Star Wars franchise will find the drinks they are looking for at Hyperspace Lounge, you still have access to first run movies, but in TWO different theatres and at The Bayou, you can savour some beignets with your morning coffee!

The Disney Wish celebrates nearly 100 years of storytelling.  It is an extension of the films and characters we know and love from Disney.  It brings fantastic worlds and beloved characters to life in new and innovative ways.

The only thing major disappointment from our time on The Disney Wish was that our sailing was only three nights long.  Without a doubt, three-and four-night sailings are simply far too short to really experience all that this new Castle on the Sea has to offer.  There were several areas of the ship that I simply didn’t have time to enjoy or explore.  Therefore, if you’re looking to really experience the wonder and enchantment of The Disney Wish, I highly recommend opting for a back-to-back sailing.  This way, you can enjoy a full seven nights aboard this beauty.  Besides, who doesn’t want to enjoy  TWO full days at Castaway Cay? SIGN. ME. UP!

– Christine Fiorelli

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It’s Time to Save the Galaxy!

Monday, May 9th, 2022

There are three fandoms that are without a doubt an obsession of mine: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Doctor Who and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  I credit Disney for the latter obsession, simply because I never collected comic books as a child.  No. My complete fixation with everything Marvel began at the movie theatre with a little movie called The Avengers.

Disney acquired Marvel Entertainment back in 2009 for a whopping four billion.  But while they purchased the rights to over 5,000 comic book characters from the Marvel Universe, there were some very well-known characters whose rights were owned by other film studios.  Sony had the rights to Spider-Man, Fox held the rights to both X-Men and the Fantastic Four, and I would need a PhD to understand how it works when it comes to the rights of the representation of these same Marvel characters in theme parks.

So, what could Disney do when some of the biggest hitters aren’t allowed to play in their sandbox?  They did what they have always done best.  Disney marketed.  They opened the very big book of those 5,000 characters and pulled out; Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, Black Panther and many other unknown superheroes from the Marvel universe and turned them all into household names.

13 years later, Marvel is one of the biggest names in film.  And now we have a whole slew of new Comic Book characters who children want to dress up as for Halloween, whose action figures are on every toy shelf at Christmas, and whose identities can be brought to Disney’s world renown theme parks.  Specifically, the big one – in Florida.

Enter…Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind.

Last week I was invited to a preview of this brand new attraction coming to EPCOT.  I’m not going to lie; my expectations were set VERY high for it.  Reason being that I’m not at all a fan of the Star Wars franchise, but I am completely blown away with the Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  It is the most technologically advanced attraction in existence today. It’s attention to detail, seamlessness of moving from scene to scene, and how believable the battle between the Resistance and First Order felt, makes it by far the most complex and immersive attraction I’ve ever experienced.  Which means I know exactly what Disney is capable of.   So, my expectation bar was set sky high for Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind.  I’m so happy to share that Disney met my crazy high expectations and then some.


Cosmic Rewind replaced Universe of Energy (yawn) in the new World Discovery section of Epcot.  The building that houses Guardians is 140 feet tall and is rumoured to hold four Spaceship Earths inside.  It’s an indoor roller coaster, featuring rotating cars, a backwards launch, and because: Peter Quill (a.k.a. Star-Lord), some pretty awesome music.

Your adventure begins in the Galaxarium, a planetarium-like exhibition that explores the similarities and mysteries of the formation of Earth’s galaxy and Xandar, a planet from the Guardians of the Galaxy films.  Xandarians have come to Earth and are building their new EPCOT pavilion.  The known humour from the Guardians of the Galaxy movies is alive and well here.  Star-Lord expresses excitement about returning to EPCOT and enjoying Horizons and hearing the veggie, veggie, fruit, fruit song.   Which would make sense to Peter, given that he hasn’t been on earth since the 1980s.

Next, Nova Prime welcomes us and explains that we will be transported to a ship to see a demonstration of the cosmic generator, a device that creates shortcuts through space and time.   Once we are transported to the ship – Eson, a celestial being (or ‘that really big man outside our ship’ as Drax describes him) steals the Cosmic Generator, jumps back in time and it’s up to us to follow him to save the galaxy.

Then get ready to board a unique vehicle that Disney Imagineering has dubbed the OmniCoaster.  This ride vehicle can rotate 360 degrees with exact precision.  Don’t let the height restriction of only 42 inches fool you.  I would describe the thrill level of this attraction somewhere between Space Mountain and Expedition Everest.

Speaking of thrill, the ride begins with a show scene before you blast off BACKWARDS on an intergalactic chase through space and time.  The ride vehicles move swiftly and smoothly, but they are relentless.  The thrill factor does not let up – for a full three minutes.   But what makes this experience so unique is not only the ride vehicle, it’s the use of music and banter among the Guardians.

While music on a roller coaster is not a first for Disney (I’m looking at you, Rock n’ Roller Coaster – Starring Aerosmith), the difference here is that the coaster twists and turns in time to the beat, allowing you to dance in your seat should you choose to do so.

There are two types of being in the universe: those who dance, and those who do not.” – Drax the Destroyer

But let’s talk for a second about the music because tunes are very important to Star-Lord.   And even more important to the enjoyment of the overall experience.  The “Awesome Mix” of songs you may hear while racing across the galaxy include:

September – Earth, Wind & Fire
Disco Inferno – The Trammps
Conga – Gloria Estefan
Everybody Wants to Rule the World – Tears for Fears
I Ran – A Flock of Seagulls
One Way or Another – Blondie

I rode a total of six times.  I heard Disco Inferno, I Ran and both Everybody Wants to Rule the World and One Way or Another twice.  The latter song is currently my favourite track, but I’ll have to ride it just a few more times first to ensure I get to hear all six songs before making a final decision on that.

Disney imagineers tested out hundreds of tunes before opting for the final six listed above.  Quentin Tarantino once said that if you use a song in a movie right, the effect is you can never really hear the song again without thinking about that image from the movie.  I can tell you that the exact same rule applies here.  I’ve heard two of the songs above since I’ve returned, and I was not able to think of anything but saving the galaxy when I did.

Given that Peter only has a cassette tape to listen to music on, several other of his favourite tunes play in the exit area to help keep the excitement alive after you’ve just saved the galaxy and became honorary Guardians.

This attraction is going to be a MASSIVE hit for Marvel fans and thrill seekers alike.  Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind opens on May 27 only at EPCOT.

– Christine Fiorelli

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