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When Is The Best Time To Visit Walt Disney World

When Is The Best Time To Visit Walt Disney World

Friday, March 15th, 2019

You may be thinking about planning a vacation to Walt Disney World, but are trying to narrow down your dates. A common question we get is “When is the best time to visit the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida?”

The answer to this question varies, as it all depends on what is meant by ‘best’. Best weather? Best crowds? Best price?

So let’s break it down one ‘best’ at a time.

Best Weather

While everyone likes the heat, most do not enjoy the humidity. The temperature begins to heat up in late May/early June and lasts through September, with the humidity at its peak from July through the end of August.

Hurricane season in Florida lasts from June 1st through to November 30th. So there is always a risk of it raining daily for an hour or two anytime during this time frame. Don’t let that discourage you though! Usually once the rain passes, the sun is comes out for another beautiful day at Walt Disney World!

Winter in Florida typically takes place mid-November through to March. And there are some serious cold snaps during this time of year. While snow is not likely in the sunshine state, don’t be surprised to see long pants, gloves and mittens in the parks. You’ll notice Princess Jasmine is bundled up – she isn’t used to the cold after growing up in Agrabah!

The good news is that the Walt Disney World Resort is built to withstand the Florida weather. So the vast majority of attractions, shows and character interactions are indoors. As a result, you’ll get to enjoy nice cool air conditioning while you wait – even in the peak of the humidity.

Best/Lowest Crowds

January and September. Or more specifically, right after students go back to school in the New Year or following Labour Day. Following that, end of April/early May would be your best bet.

The highest crowds can be found during Christmas break, followed by Family Day weekend in February through to Easter Sunday. The combination of spring breaks, March breaks and reading weeks throughout the world make this season ‘peak’ each and every year.

But we know that work and school schedules can make your date selection restricted. A fantastic perk when staying onsite at Walt Disney World is being able to utilize the FastPass+ system. FastPass+ is the ability to pre-select up to three attractions, shows and/or character meet and greets beginning 60 days in advance that you don’t have to wait in line for. So no matter the time of year you visit, the use of FastPass+  can dramatically cut down your wait times.

Best Price

The Walt Disney World Resort in Florida is the number one tourist destination in North America. More people visit Walt Disney World in a calendar year than the entire cruise industry combined! So generally speaking, it’s not a destination that needs to discount.

That being said – the Walt Disney Travel Company will evaluate their destination’s performance on a quarterly basis and if they need a boost filling inventory, you may see a promotion that you can take advantage of. The best offers are usually end of August/September.

At Fairytale Dreams & Destinations ™ Inc., we ensure you always have the best possible price for your vacation. Therefore – if a promotion becomes available for your travel time (even after you book), the cost of your vacation can come down.

Or maybe there is a special event like the delicious Food and Wine at Epcot, an attraction that you want to take advantage of (we’re looking at your Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge) or you want to tack on a cruise following your stay at Walt Disney World. Each Guest is different and special, and we can work to find the ideal dates for your family. Make sure to reach out to your Vacation Specialist to help figure out when is the best time for your upcoming Walt Disney World getaway!

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